New book highlights power of spiritual healing

A Wirral based medium who helps people deal more positively with grief is sharing some of the successes of her work in a new book.

Lynn Robinson from Moreton started working as a professional medium and spiritual teacher five years ago.

She uses a unique set of skills to connect bereaved people with the spirit of their loved ones – helping them to come to terms with loss.

The 54-year-old documented her personal journey – from young child to spiritual teacher – in her first book ‘A Light to Guide you Home’.

Lynn has been able to talk to the spirit world since she was about four- years-old.

Published in 2018 on Amazon with the support of independent publisher Team Author UK, the book shot to number one in the charts within four hours of being released.

Her follow-up book ‘Angels Around Us’ was released online last Friday (January 18th) and also reached number one in its Amazon category.

An event will now be held on January 27th at Leasowe Castle Hotel to celebrate its success and mark the book’s official launch.

Lynn’s latest publication is a heart-wrenching and mind-blowing account of real-life events which have taken place during readings and spiritual healing sessions with clients.

Lynn said: “I have worked with so many people over the years helping to connect them with the spirit of their loved ones and supporting them to experience grief in a more positive way.

“Those who open their mind to spiritual healing can find a great deal of comfort and peace after losing a loved one and ‘Angels Around Us’ aims to demonstrate just how strong the human spirit is by drawing on some of these real-life experiences.”

Lynn, who began writing in 2015 and also published her first children’s book last year, was inspired to put pen to paper for ‘Angles Around Us’ by her clients.

“Being a medium is not about séance’s and craziness, it’s about learning to use the skills we were all born with,” she explained.

“I do believe there is more to life – a bigger picture – and I’m confident this book will bring a lot of peace to readers when they discover how my work has connected clients with their own loved ones.”

To find out more about Lynn’s books and her work as an author, medium, spiritual teacher and Reiki healer visit her spiritual hub at

You can also follow Lynn’s latest book projects via Facebook @lynnrobinsonauthor and visit her page on Amazon via

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