Authors team up to tell women it’s ‘OK’ to not be okay

Two authors with a shared passion for inspiring women to achieve their true potential have teamed up to publish a new book.

‘It’s OK! (We’re not sh*tting you, it really is!)’ is set to be officially launched by authors Jo Howarth and Ali Gill at an event at Write Blend bookshop in Liverpool on November 24th at 2pm.

Targeted at women aged 35 to 55, the book is crammed full of advice, practical mindset exercises and journaling activities to help readers overcome daily challenges which may be stopping them from moving forward in their lives.


Jo from Eccleston Park, Merseyside, owner of The Happiness Club and co-author of children’s book ‘Glad to be Dan’, said: “We were inspired to write this book following a conversation we had one day about how we always felt like we were waiting for permission from someone to be able to do or say something we wanted.

“The book is therefore designed to teach women how to give themselves that permission. Each chapter covers a different topic. For example, it’s okay to say no; it’s okay to be selfish; it’s okay to be successful; it’s okay not to be liked by everyone and it’s even okay to not be okay.

“Life is so full of challenges that sometimes we need to be a bit easier on ourselves and we hope this book will help women overcome whatever it is blocking them in life.”

Screenshot_20181119-102529Ali, from Prees in Shropshire, who published ‘My Perfect Journal’ last year to encourage people to find their ‘hidden perfect’ in every day, added: “Journaling is a really powerful tool for helping to overcome different challenges and emotions.

“By working through the exercises in this new book one at a time, we’re confident women will come out the other side feeling empowered and inspired to go forward in life.”

The two businesswomen, who met for the first time after Jo was sent a copy of Ali’s ‘My Perfect Journal’ to review, will talk about a number of mental health issues during the event next week.

Those attending will also hear more about Jo and Ali’s collaboration and will be given the opportunity to get their books signed by the authors.

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