From ‘clean eating’ to ‘clean breathing

Improved health and wellbeing is a trend that has gathered significant traction in the UK over recent years.

The desire for a more balanced lifestyle and sense of calm has triggered many individuals to look closely at their own diets, exercise levels and mental wellness.

Employers are also starting to sit up and pay more attention to the wellbeing of their staff and actively implementing measures to boost morale and productivity within the workforce.

The internet is swamped with advice on the best superfoods and healthiest diets to the most effective fat-burning exercises and everything in between.

Mindfulness seems to be the latest ‘buzz’ word and in some shape or form, we all seem to looking for ways to instil a sense of calm and happiness into our homes and lives.

The longing for an improved, healthier, happier, cleaner lifestyle is driving the thoughts and buying behaviours of our society.

And for some people, it’s not just shaping the way they live life it’s also defining how they make a living.

Take yoga instructor and entrepreneur Paula Fox-Kirkham for example who recently launched a new candle making business from her home in rural English Frankton, near Ellesmere, due to her passion for wellbeing and all things natural.

As a wife and working mum to two young boys, life is non-stop for Paula, so she completely understands the stresses, anxieties and overwhelm others might feel on a daily basis.

“My happy place is my yoga mat,” explains Paula.
“Life is chaotic at the best of times but the yoga helps me to cope and relax. I’m also a huge fan of essential oils. The right blend of aromas can instantly make you feel calm and uplifted and it’s these special blends which I have incorporated into my homemade candles.

“I believe our bodies and our minds deserve the very best and our PFK candles have very much been developed around the ethos of ‘clean breathing’.

“We’ve all heard of ‘clean eating’ and get rid of the nasty processed foods from our diet. Well, ‘clean breathing’ is a similar concept and is about ridding harmful chemicals from the air we breathe, especially within our home.

“Most people will light a candle in their homes as a way of relaxing when they have a bath or want to cosy up next to the fire but unfortunately what they don’t realise is that many scented candles sold in the UK are made from paraffin wax and can be bad for our health when burnt.”

Studies have shown that when burnt, paraffin wax releases harmful chemicals into the air and when lit in enclosed spaces like our homes the impact is often exacerbated.
Some wicks used in large-scale candle production are also known to give off particles of metal and many manufacturers also add additives and artificial fragrances to their candles.

Experts recently reported concerns over the number of people following the new ‘Hygge’ lifestyle trend which involves lighting lots of candles to create a cosy home in the pursuit of happiness.

They warned the trend could lead to respiratory problems claiming the particles from candles can have a ‘detrimental’ effect on the lungs.

It’s health issues like this which Paula is aiming to avoid with her new range of 100 per cent soy wax candles.

She said: “My mum was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis some time ago. It’s a rare condition which causes muscle weakness but for mum, it also resulted in many respiratory problems including pneumonia.

“I wanted to help her and this is when I started experimenting with the natural oils. At first, she just used to infuse them but then I had the idea of incorporating the blends into a candle. I didn’t want her to start burning candles which contained anything nasty and so this is how the PFK candle was born.

“We believe there are so many health benefits to be had from using candles made from 100 natural ingredients and it’s our goal to get more people breathing cleanly in their own homes.”

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