Author’s road safety book receives recognition in the House of Commons

A Liverpool author who continues to be involved in a high-profile campaign to educate young children on road safety has had her work recognised in the Houses of Parliament.

Jude Lennon, who was commissioned to write two road safety books by the family of six-year-old Bobby Colleran, who was killed on Leyfield Road in West Derby in 2014, has spoken to nearly 80,000 children in the last two years about staying safe on the roads.

The author uses the books ‘Superbob’ and ‘S.T.O.P’ (Superbob Tells Off Parents) as a fun and an engaging educational tool to deliver free road safety assemblies in schools and to date she has visited more than 280 schools across Liverpool and the North West of England.

The programme will continue to run in the Merseyside, Knowsley and Sefton areas this year and it’s hoped a wider campaign by the Bobby Colleran Trust to get safe areas called ‘Bobby Zones’ installed outside schools will eventually be rolled out nationwide.

The author’s involvement in the campaign was recently recognised in the House of Commons during a debate on road safety initiated by MP Stephen Twigg, the Labour and Co-operative Party politician for Liverpool West Derby.

In his speech Mr Twigg said: “The aim of the book is to create an interactive, fun, educational resource that can be used in primary school assemblies. It has been taken up not only in Liverpool but across the north-west of England. Since the book was launched, Jude Lennon has visited hundreds of schools and spoken to nearly 60,000 children about staying safe on the roads.”

In the last month alone author Jude has spoken to more than 2,000 school pupils about the need for staying safe near roads and her assemblies are fully booked during Road Safety Week 2018 next month (19-25 November).

She said: “The educational programme funded by the family of Bobby Colleran continues to be a huge success within schools. The books really help to explain safety issues in a fun and engaging way which the children understand.

“Children really relate to the character and as a result of this, I’m confident they also pick up on the key messages about road safety. Our hope is they take these messages, process them and put them into practice by being more aware of the dangers when they are crossing roads.

“The ‘Bobby Zones’ have also been a huge success and I would say without doubt the work of the Bobby Colleran Trust is helping to save young lives. If this work can be extended beyond the North West of England then it will be a fantastic achievement and will be a lasting legacy for Bobby.”

When visiting schools Miss Lennon reads from the book and encourages children to think about their own safety when near roads. The key message of the campaign is that road safety is for ‘everyone’ and children and adults alike need to do their bit to keep ‘everyone’ safe.

All schools participating in the ‘Superbob’ campaign assemblies receive a free copy of the book for the school library. Additional book sales and donations go straight back to The Bobby Colleran Trust to pay for the assemblies and educational resources for schools.

For more information or to book a ‘Superbob’ assembly, please contact Miss Lennon by emailing or contacting 07745522872.

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