Dementia nurse publishes new book to support carers

A nurse from Stoke-on-Trent who has spent years caring for people with dementia has written a new book to support carers.

‘My Dementia Journey – One step at a time’ has been written by Tracy Gough, Purple Angel Dementia Ambassador for Staffordshire.

The book, which contains information, tips and advice for carers, draws on both Tracy’s professional and personal experiences of dementia.

Written from a caregivers perspective, the book aims to help guide people through their own dementia journey.

Tracy, 47, from Stoke-on-Trent, said: “For many people, hearing that their loved one has dementia can be a very frightening experience. It can bring a lot of uncertainty and unpredictability.

“In many cases it is often harder for the carer to come to terms with the diagnosis than the patient themselves. It can trigger a variety of emotions and caring for dementia patients can be challenging in many different ways.

“This book enables carers to relieve some of the stress associated with caring for a loved one with dementia by giving them a ‘safe’ space to share their feelings and emotions.

“The book also provides useful, practical tips on how to care for people with dementia and it can be used at medical appointments to provide a personal, written account of how the illness is impacting on the lives of a loved one.”

The book, which was released on Amazon in May, is the first in a series to be written by Tracy.

The nurse, who currently works full time at New Milton Care Home, is hopeful her second book ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ will be published later this year.

She said: “When you lose a loved one to dementia, it very much feels as though you lose that person twice. Once through the illness and then again when they pass away. My second book is very much about how to cope with this loss and is aimed at supporting people who have been through this difficult journey.”

Through her work as a dementia nurse, ambassador and author, Tracy is hoping to reach out to the local community to provide more support to carers and those suffering with dementia.

She is currently working on several projects which she hopes will encourage Stoke-on- Trent to become a more dementia friendly community.

For more information on Tracy’s books, visit the website You can also follow Tracy on Facebook @Supporting Dementia Caregivers and Twitter @TracyEGough.

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