Sport-mad dad brings fictional games to life at school fair

A sport-mad father-of-two who has written a new book about an ultimate outer-space sports tournament is set to bring his fictional games to life this week.

Richard Carpenter, from Tetchill in Ellesmere, will be attending St Marys Primary School summer fair in Overton this Saturday (July 7) to showcase several of the fun and unusual sports he has created in his new book Sportonova – The Games Begin.

The 41-year-old is hoping children and parents will get involved and try out some of the new activities which will include a game called Prontoball – a brand new exciting fast flowing sport between two teams which involves scoring points by getting a small ball into an unusual goal made up of a rugby H frame inside two goalposts.

Mr Carpenter, who has two young sons Joshua and Thomas, said: Ill be demonstrating six different games which feature in the book. Prontoball is a firm favourite with my sons Joshua and Thomas and we often play this together in the garden.

Im sure other children are going to enjoy it too. It should be a really fun day and Im extremely excited about bringing the games in Sportonova to life.

Mr Carpenter, who works in IT, was inspired to write the book after reading bedtime stories to his own children.

The story, which is suitable for children aged five upwards, is set in outer space in a galaxy full of sports-ball shaped planets.

Sportonova is the planet which shines the brightest and the story follows the adventures of its inhabitants who gather in the fictional village of Clapuwood to create the ultimate sports tournament.

The book, released on Amazon in June, features a range of different games, some which already exist but many made up by Mr Carpenter.

He hopes by showcasing some of them at the fair, others will also be inspired to play the games.

Eventually it would be fantastic to create a local tournament or league locally which involves all these new games.

Mr Carpenter, who started writing two years ago, is now busy writing the next book in his series which will focus on a range of winter games rather than summer ones.

For more information on Mr Carpenters books and projects, please visit or email

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