Writing retreat will return to Shropshire

Indie authors from across Shropshire and beyond are preparing to publish their work following attendance at a county-based writing retreat.

Seventeen delegates attended the three-day event (Nov 17 to Nov 19) hosted by Team Author UK at Alkington Grange Barns, just outside Whitchurch.

Among them were several authors who have published books spanning a range of genres including Shropshire-based children’s author Emma Blantern, who also owns and runs the Alkington Grange holiday barn complex.

It is the second writing retreat of it’s kind to be held by the Team Author alliance, which supports writers to become published authors.

Bestselling children’s author Jude Lennon, who runs the retreat along with Team Author UK founder Sue Miller, said: “Five authors went onto publish their own books following the last retreat in March and some of those writers returned at the weekend to either start or finish off their next project.

“We also had writers attending for the first time, some of whom are now preparing to publish their work, which is just fantastic.

“The retreat offers support and friendly feedback to writers on their work but, above all else, it helps to build confidence and give delegates the time and space they need to collate ideas and actually put pen to paper.

“Many writers are juggling full-time jobs and have busy lives so it’s often difficult to dedicate the hours required to pen a book and I think that’s why the retreats are proving so popular.”

Miss Lennon, who runs a range of writing workshops and runs her own storytelling business Little Lamb Tales, said due to demand for the courses, Team Author UK would be hosting another retreat in March and further details will be released in the new year.

She said: “We have received lots of requests to run additional retreats throughout the year so we’re delighted to announce that we have plans for another retreat in March. We are in the process of finalising the details and more information will be available in the new year.

“The retreat provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who likes creative writing and has thought about publishing a book to get together with like-minded people for extra support and encouragement.”

Team Author UK was established in June 2016 and has since helped authors publish in the region of 60 books in a variety of genres. Through its network of experts, the alliance supports indie-authors through the process of self-publishing, providing services such as writing workshops, editing, design, illustrations, marketing, web design and PR.

For further information about Team Author UK visit the website www.teamauthoruk.co.uk or follow @teamauthoruk on Facebook.

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