Road safety campaign in memory of six-year-old Bobby reaches 50,000 school pupils

Around 50,000 school pupils across Liverpool and beyond have benefited from a free road safety assembly in memory of a little boy who was killed while crossing the road.

It’s estimated that thousands more children will continue to be educated on safer road crossing throughout 2018 as Liverpool author and storyteller Jude Lennon prepares to visit more schools with her road safety books as part of the Bobby Colleran Campaign.

Miss Lennon, a former school teacher, was commissioned to write new road safety book ‘Superbob’ in memory of schoolboy Bobby Colleran, who was killed on Leyfield Road in West Derby in October 2014.

The colourful book was officially launched at Bobby’s school Blackmoor Park Infants in September 2016. However, since then, author and storyteller Miss Lennon has rolled it out to a further 192 schools in Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area.

A second road safety book written by Miss Lennon called ‘S.T.O.P (Superbob Tells Off Parents)’, which was published earlier this year, has also made its way into a further 52 schools.

Speaking about the campaign in the run-up to Road Safety Week (Nov 20-26) Miss Lennon said: “This has been an extremely successful campaign so far with almost 50,000 pupils benefiting from a road safety assembly which I deliver when visiting schools to talk about the books.

“Both books feature the heroic ‘Super Bob’ who wears a cowboy hat and red cape and shares his advice with children and adults who are putting themselves and others in danger.”

“Children really relate to the character and as a result of this, I’m confident they also pick up on the key messages about road safety. Our hope is they take these messages, process them and put them into practice by being more aware of the dangers when they are crossing roads.

“With Road Safety Week coming up later this month it’s a great opportunity for parents and teachers alike to reiterate these messages with children and having these books available in schools will, of course, be hugely beneficial.

Miss Lennon was commissioned by the Bobby Colleran Trust, which was set up by Bobby’s family following his death. The trust campaigns for road safety improvements and since launched in 2015 has campaigned tirelessly for safer roads outside all schools.

In 2016, the trust teamed up with Radio City to implement ‘Bobby Zones’ outside all Liverpool primary schools. This has been hugely successful and now the trust is aiming to get the same zones outside schools across the UK.

Both Superbob books have been illustrated by Alan Jones and Bobby’s brothers helped Miss Lennon with the character ideas and content for the story. They suggested using Bobby’ favourite catchphrase “I’m fuming” which is an integral part of both stories.

When visiting schools Miss Lennon reads from the book and encourages children to think about their own safety when near roads. The key message of the campaign is that road safety is for ‘everyone’ and children and adults alike need to do their bit to keep ‘everyone’ safe.

All schools participating in the ‘Superbob’ campaign assemblies receive a free copy of the book for the school library. Additional book sales and donations go straight back to The Bobby Colleran Trust to pay for the assemblies and educational resources for schools.

For more information or to book a ‘Superbob’ assembly, please contact Miss Lennon by emailing or contacting 07745522872.

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