New self-help guidebook is helping busy mums re-balance their lives

Middlewich mum and health coach Lillie Pragnell is helping busy mums to re-balance their lives after publishing a new self-help guidebook.

Lillie, owner of {re}Start Coaching, will officially launch her new book ‘50 Days to {re}Start Your Life’ at a ladies-only event at restaurant K2H in Sandbach, this Thursday, November 2, at 7pm.

The Lifestyle book is crammed full of useful tips and ideas to give women the confidence to make small changes in their daily lives which will lead to longer-term improved health and wellbeing.

It covers everything from simple exercise workouts and top nutritional advice to tips on how to relax and claim that all important ‘me’ time for mums who regularly feel overstretched and overworked.

The 32-year-old from Jubilee Pastures, who is expecting her second child on Christmas Day, said: “I know exactly what it feels like to lose sight of yourself after having children. Becoming a mum has a phenomenal impact on your life in so many different ways.

“It doesn’t just affect the way your body looks, it impacts on your self-confidence and the amount of time you have to look after and care for yourself.

“Most mums I speak to go out of their way to feed their children healthy and nutritious meals and snacks and they do this several times a day yet, often, they forget to even feed themselves or skip important meals because they are either too busy on the school run or dashing off to work.

“When it comes to exercise it’s often the same problem – mums are just too busy or too tired to think about slogging it out at the gym.

“However, sometimes the key to happiness and a more balanced lifestyle isn’t about pounding the treadmill or the latest fad diets – it’s about making small, simple changes and setting achievable goals.

“Over a period of time these small steps can have quite a profound effect on overall well-being and it’s this philosophy which is at the centre of my new guidebook and I really do hope it helps to bring about positive changes for lots of mums.”

Lillie, who is a trained nutritionist and personal trainer, set up {re}Start Coaching after having her first son Rocky, who is now two. Prior to launching the business in 2016 she worked as a personal trainer, beauty therapist and in business development for a sports nutrition company.

Through {re}Start, Lillie provides nutritional advice, personal training and holistic treatments to a range of individuals, not just mums, helping them to achieve personal goals.

At the book launch on November 2, Lillie will give a short talk on her life as a mum and business owner. She will also be available to sign copies of her new book and guests will be treated to a selection of healthy canapes and cocktails throughout the evening.

Lillie has published her book with the support of Team Author UK and ‘50 Days to {re}Start Your Life’ was released for sale on Amazon last week.

For more information on {re}Start Coaching and Lillie’s new book visit the website You can also follow Lillie on Facebook and Twitter on @restartcheshire.

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